Horizon gets playful with new Lego spinoff

2024-06-07 17:16


A screenshot from the video game Lego Horizon Adventures.
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

One of the cuter reveals at Summer Game Fest was the Lego-ified version of Horizon’s postapocalyptic future. The game is called Lego Horizon Adventures, and it looks like a playful action-adventure game set (obviously) in the Horizon universe. Naturally, there’s lots of building as well. And co-op play. And some very goofy jokes fitting Lego’s many video game spinoffs.

This isn’t the first collaboration between the two, as Lego released a Horizon Forbidden West set in 2022, But it appears that Sony is intent on growing the franchise into one of its tentpoles. The original game was followed by a sequel on the PS5 (and PS4), and it’s also being adapted into a show on Netflix.

Lego Horizon Adventures is launching this holiday. As a Sony property, it’s naturally coming to PlayStation, but it will also be launching day one on the PC and Nintendo Switch as well.

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2024/6/7/24172801/lego-horizon-adventures-ps5-trailer-summer-game-fest