Anker recalls its 321 Power Bank due to fire risk

2024-06-08 12:00


A picture of the Anker 321 Power Bank.
If you have this power bank, you should stop using it. | Image: Anker

Anker says it’s recalling its 321 Power Bank (PowerCore 5K, model number A1112), citing a fire risk posed by a manufacturing defect. The 321 is a compact power bank with two ports — one for USB-C and one for USB-A. Anker says “only a small number” produced after March 2023 are affected, but it’s recalling all of them anyway.

Look for “Anker 321 Power Bank (PowerCore 5K, Black), Model: A1112” in the white text printed on the bottom to see if you have this model. If you do, Anker urges you to stop using it immediately. Fill out this form, including the serial number, to stake your claim for a replacement 533 Power Bank the company is offering affected owners. Try to track down your proof of purchase before you head over there, as it says that will speed the process along.

Pictures of the battery with identifying info highlighted. Image: Anker
Here’s where you’ll find the relevant details.

As a reminder, don’t throw your batteries away! Not only is e-waste a huge problem but tossing batteries can cause fires. Anker offers several links for responsibly disposing of them in various countries. (US users can go to the Environmental Protection Agency’s website or Call2Recycle to find out how to get rid of theirs.)

This isn’t the only recall Anker has live right now. The company also recalled the 535 Power Bank last year, after it was found to be the likely culprit in a Maryland house fire.